Things I’d Rather Spend My Rent Money On

Things I'd Rather Spend My Rent Money On

The title pretty much explains it all, these are some choice items I am really craving right now, but can’t afford because of life and stuff. Le Sigh. So here there are for both you and I to stare at and dream!

1. “Fake It” Tee by Nala Los Angeles
… this company has TONS of clever graphic tees that I want to add to my wardrobe, which is saying a lot, because I’m not huge on the whole words written across my chest deal. But they have just the right amount of sass and fun that deserve to be in any girls closet.

2. ”No Rest for the RAD” Tee by Top Knot Goods
…Another tee that serves up sass with style. This whole brand is full vibes that speak to my soul. Owner and creator, Natalie Fredrick, describes it perfectly as bohemian with an edge – no more need be said.

3. Tattoo Cat Tights on Amazon
…I’m a cat person…and an addict when it comes to cute animals on clothes, so these tights are the perfect fit for me. There are a variety of different styles to be found across the internet – happy prowling!

4. Walden High Waisted Shorts – Indigo Denim by Dear Creatures
…Dear Creatures is another company that really hits the nail on the head for me personally. I love my boho hippy vibes, but I’m also a huge sucker for some vintage personality. I could go on for days about the gorgeous pieces they constantly have to offer…but I wont, because I’m here for the shorts! My current obsession. A bit on the pricer side of things, but dang they’re the cutest.

5. “Vada” Fringe Duster Kimono by Top Knot Goods
…Yup, TKG is on here again – and I’m not sorry about it. Here’s where you can really get a taste for the bohemian with this gorgeous duster kimono. I’ve always wanted to have solid fringe game, and the pattern is so delicate, it reminds me of a cottage almost. I mean that in a most complimentary way of course! My only qualm with this piece is with it’s pure white fabric. I’m a walking disaster and long ago gave up white clothes for my magnetic abilities to spill everything on them. But a girl can dream.

6. 1460 Women’s Boots in Cherry Red by Dr. Martins
…I have an obsession with Dr. Martins. I think they’re amazing and I admire every girl I ever see rocking a pair. I’ve never committed to any, however, because I’m terrified of my tiny ankles. I’m worried I’ll spend all that money to look like I’m walking around with bricks on me feet, through no fault of the shoe, but my own limbs. I’m working up the courage though, because Dr. Martins are badass.


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