Whimsical Wanderings






There’s nothing like a good ole romp around nature; and what better to pair it with, than a dress of magical whimsy & wonder?! I love this gorgeous vintage dress from The Loved One in Pasadena, Ca, & I highly recommend a trip to anyone near by! I always find such fun pieces there, and there’s plenty to choose from. This is one of my favorite finds from there; it feels like a renaissance inspired dress from the 70s – two eras in one! The top is velvety & the detail of the embroidery is probably my favorite part, I also love how it matches with the wrist cuffs. Of course I had to make myself a flower crown to go with it, so I could turn into a woodland faery hippie child – I’d say I did alright 😉


This Look: Vintage dress from The Loved One, DIY Flower crown [learn how HERE]

Photos by SURGE [@powersurge]

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