A Dainty Exploration




I Love climbing trees. Admittedly, it was a little harder in this outfit, but it was definitely worth it! It’s kind of powerful sharing space with a tree; being up higher and seeing the world from a different view, and being supported by it’s strength. I’m in a very reflective mood at the moment, appreciating life and all it’s little positive moments. If you ever need a good thinking spot, I suggest finding a simple tree to climb and soak up some nature while riffling through your brain space. And also, maybe wear some pants. I absolutely love this simple dress from Dear Creatures though, the pockets are adorable and the rope belt is so charming! I also just had to wear my new frilly socks; growing up I was obsessed with these, regardless of the shoes I wore, I had frilly socks on. It was fun bringing some of my fashionless fashion back into a more sophisticated style.

“And the tree was happy”  

This Look: Dear Creatures dress, vintage locket, Nordstrom boots

Photos by SURGE

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