Style Trend Challenge!

Hey cool cats! I’m starting up a new segment on my blog called Style Trend Challenge!

Have you ever wondered how that weird new trend sweeping across the masses can ACTUALLY be worn?! Or maybe there’s something you’ve always secretly wanted to try out, but can’t figure out how to style it in a workable way? Well that’s where I come in and volunteer as tribute πŸ˜‰

Challenge me with something just plain wacky, and see what I come up with; or ask me how I would style something you’re interested in integrating into your own wardrobe! Basically, you can either use me to help you or amuse you, I’m okay with either πŸ™‚

So come participate and be a part of Potpurrri. You can leave suggestions in the comments, or tweet me @DayeanneHutton! I’m excited to see your replies πŸ˜€Β 


3 thoughts on “Style Trend Challenge!

  1. Hi! How does one pull off the hipster girl look without spending too much? I wanna try it out but I don’t wanna break the bank.


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