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Na na na na na naaaa
All right, all right!

If you couldn’t already tell, this outfit gave me some serious 90’s – Clarissa Explains it All vibes! Now, it’s not quite as nutty as the fashion back on the show, but it’s super fun and wearable in this century, while definitely nodding to then. I always enjoy mixing different feelings together; like here, with a romantic, flowing flowered dress paired up with some butt-kicking combats. Mixing feminine with something unexpected and edgier (like combat boots) might be one of my favorite combinations when it comes to fashion. It just always makes for a serious confidence boost and a visual reminder that feminine is powerful too; am I right ladies? ; )

Take a chance and be brave by pairing up a combo of your own clothes that you wouldn’t traditionally think go together, you might discover a whole new wardrobe out of what you already have! I took a big risk with this look, because I’ve been terrified of traditional Dr. Marten’s for ages. I love them, but was scared that I’d look ridiculous wearing them with my small ankles. I finally got the courage to try them out though, and now I’m obsessed, I love them!  So be brave, and fashion on! 


This Look: Lucca Couture Dress, Dr. Martens Boots 

Photos by Mint Clothing Company

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