Ugh, As If!



























So, maybe it wasn’t clear, but I was a little bit inspired by the 90s hit, Clueless, for this particular look 😉 With a little bit of help from my friends over at Black Milk Clothing & Jump from Paper, I think my good friend Joanna Sotomura & I pulled off nicely updated versions of Cher & Tai, if I do say so myself.

There is a bit of a back story to why this particular photo shoot occurred, and why it means a lot to me to that we were able to do it! I spent last week in Florida at LeakyCon, an amazing conference for all things geeky, where Joanna & I were special guests for our web series Emma Approved. Now, Emma Approved is a modernized version of Jane Austen’s “Emma”, just like that little ole movie Clueless! (If you didn’t already know that, put it in your back pocket for fun trivia facts!) In our show, Joanna plays Emma Woodhouse herself, and I am her awkward, yet capable assistant, Harriet Smith. AKA the equivalents to Cher Horowitz and Tai Frasier! So now you see why this particular cosplay really HAD to happen, & Black Milk created the spot on perfect outfits for it; so thank you Black Milk!

Now why don’t we talk about these bags from Jump from Paper, because holy cow aren’t they the coolest things ever?! They literally look like cartoons!!! I promise you they are 100% real bags, with storage capabilities. I’d like to think that if Cher and Tai showed up in this decade, they’d be just outrageous & stylish enough to catch Cher’s eye and be added to her ensemble. We got compliments on the bags everywhere we went, they’re completely unique and wonderful. I definitely recommend snagging one & adding it to your wardrobe for a little pop and pizzazz to an every day outfit!

We both had so much fun with these outfits, I hope you enjoy them too! Remember to stay bright and bold little kitties!


This Look (Dayeanne): Black Milk Dress, Dr. Martens Boots, Jump from Paper Backpack 

This Look (Joanna): Black Milk Top & Skirt, Nine West Heels, Jump from Paper Bag 

Joanna Sotomura: Twitter: @JoannaSotomura Instagram: @JoannaSotomura

Photos by: Alexandra Edwards 

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Tai: Why should I listen to you, anyway? You’re a virgin who can’t drive.

Cher: That was way harsh, Tai.

8 thoughts on “Ugh, As If!

  1. So glad you guys got to do the outfit shoot. I saw your instagram posts and I’m so jelly! I’ve always wanted one of those bags! And how cool of you guys to have things from Black Milk as well!

    Lots of love from Australia 😉


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