Lost in Wonderland



This is the first of my outfits I have to share with you from PurrrLA! I absolutely adore this dress; so simple and versatile 🙂


 DSC_1607  DSC_1609           DSC_1649




This PurrrLA dress is so whimsical and flirty in its cut, but the black and white fabric brings a sophistication to the look that I really love. I took a chance pairing it with my fabulous polka dot socks from Tabbisocks, and I absolutely adore how it turned out!  I’ve been having fun lately playing with pairing different patterns; it can be tricky but super worth it. I challenge you to try mixing different patterns that would normally scare you! Just try different things on, until you find something that you really like and feel comfortable in; be brave and bold in your fashion choices! 😀


This Look: Dress courtesy of PurrrLA, socks from Tabbisocks, Vintage hat, Vintage shoes 

Photos by SURGE


“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

– Lewis Carroll


2 thoughts on “Lost in Wonderland

  1. Hahah, I find pattern mixing to be very fun. I don’t know what would look good until I try it on though, so I spend a lot of time dressing and undressing 😀
    Love the dress and the gorgeous necklace. And those socks are kick ass! ^_^


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