Overall Charisma



She looked at the city; and the city looked back.




Oh recycling styles! There was a solid amount of time where I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing overalls. I believe it was called “High School” 😛 I had someone ask me how to best style overalls, so here you have it! I really wanted a pair with a pattern to shake it up from my childhood memories. I’m super happy with these, because, let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for floral patterns.

I think they look the cutest when you pair them with a crop top. It nudges them a bit more into a mature look; as far as overalls can go that way anyhow. They are just happy and fun, and I’m such a kid at heart, they’re kind of perfect for me! I also mixed them with my favorite pair of romping boots, mostly because I just really want it to cool down and be boots weather – wishful thinking! Don’t grow up too fast, there’s always room for some goofy fun in both personality and style! 😀

This Look: Topshop Tank, Steve Madden Boots, Overalls…Ebay 🙂



A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

– Charlie Chaplin

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