Ferocious Female: Emma Watson

For this beWITCHing month of October, we have the Hogwart’s graduated herself, Miss Emma Watson.

Emma has been known for her chic and classy fashion for a bit now; in fact, she was Burberry’s main girl there for a while! She has grown up and into her own style in the public eye; but what kicks her up a notch and into “ferocious” is her dedication to making a difference through charity and activism.  A few years ago, she even collaborated with People Tree, to create a clothing line of sustainable and fair trade fashion. Fashion’s impact on the environment, among other issues, is more often than not, highly overlooked and under discussed.

Most recently, as many of you may know, Emma made waves this month and sparked conversations regarding feminism. This came after her speech at the UN in her new role as Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women and the new HeForShe campaign.

 I admire Emma for stepping up. In my mind, she used her celebrity status as a way to bring the discussion of feminism to a broader audience. Critics may claim she’s capitalizing on her celebrity, but I personally feel that if she wasn’t in the position she is, this speech and campaign (unfortunately) wouldn’t be getting anywhere near the same amount of attention and discussions revolving around it. The media and the masses are obsessed with celebrity, and while I may not agree with it, at least it’s gotten people talking about something other than “who wore it best”. Making people more aware and starting the discussion is a positive step in my books.

I’ve come across a few articles that are highly critical of Emma’s speech and the campaign itself.  {here & here} I suggest giving them a read, because they bring up more details than Emma was able to get into and discuss potential problems with the stance HeForShe is taking. My favorite of which being the name itself, which Cathy Young suggests should rather be “He and She for us” because “He for She” is still in a way implying that women need men to fix this for them.

The hard fact is, the fight for Feminism is a very tricky and complicated one, despite the fact that it shouldn’t be. Men and women are different, it’s just a fact, just like every human is different from the next. That, however, does not mean that we shouldn’t all have the same rights and opportunities. I admire Emma Watson and am writing about her here because she is trying. Despite the difficult task ahead and the current and future backlash, she has made the choice to take a stand and fight for what she believes is right.

Together, we can help fight to break the negative and false connotations around the term “Feminism”.


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