Besame Cosmetics: Vintage Inspired Makeup


Besame Cosmetics: Classic, vintage inspired packaging & products made from high quality & natural ingredients that empowers a strong and elegant female. I’m kind of, a little bit, a lot in love with this brand.


I tried to provide a summary of Besame Cosmetics in a compact sentence, but nothing I say can do justice to this fantastic makeup line. I strongly suggest visiting their website and reading up on the company and their founder, Gabriela Hernandez, because it’s absolutely fascinating and impressive. She considers herself a makeup “detective”; searching out vintage lipsticks and makeup and finding ways to recreate the colors with her natural ingredients.

As a lover of all things vintage, this line gets me so excited! You may actually recognize it, as it’s often sold in vintage shops, because it fits in perfectly. The packaging I love, and this product I love. It’s so elegant and fun, and the makeup is truly of great quality.

The wonderful people at Besame provided me with their Violet Brightening Powder, Apricot Creme Rouge, 3 in 1 Brown Mascara, Eyeliner and Eyebrow cake, as well as two lipsticks, Noir Red and Tango Red.  In this post, I am introducing and reviewing the line. I have also put together a fun shoot that I will post later in two installments. I wanted to show the versatility of the line, so I used the makeup both for an everyday modern look, as well as a vintage inspired 1920s look 🙂




When using Besame, I started with my own foundation and concealer.  Next came the apricot rouge, which is extremely pigmented, and a little bit goes a very long way. It’s such a great color that I don’t normally use. Per the suggestion of Christina at Besame who helped me pick out my colors, I lightly dabbed a brush into the rouge and slowly built up the color so I didn’t accidentally give myself clown face 😀 I then used the Violet Brightening Powder, which smells amazing and gets the job done.

I found using the 3 in 1 brown cake slightly more time consuming than my normal routine, but it also made it more of a fun experience. You wet the cake and then use either side of the brush, depending on what you’re trying to do. Usually, I hate darkening my eyebrows, it’s such a pain in the butt, because if you’re a little off it’s crazy obvious and you look like a nut job.  However, I’m now in love with this product for that aspect alone. I used the mascara wand-looking side and lightly brushed it across my eyebrows, and it gave me the most natural darkening I’ve ever accomplished.  I have no idea if that’s how it’s suppose to be used, but it’s working that way for me.

Lastly there are the lipsticks. These are amazing. There are so many reds to choose from and they go on so smoothly and look absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t be shocked if after not too long I’ve collected every shade they have; they’re that good. I’m especially in love with my Noir Red that I chose. They released this color specifically for the Great Gatsby movie and it’s so daring and bold. I feel fierce as hell when I have it on.

I couldn’t be happier with all my new glamorous makeup products and would recommend this line to absolutely anyone looking for a great lipstick and more. Keep an eye out for my style posts inspired by this elegant makeup!


“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow



Makeup c/o Besame Cosmetics 

Special thanks to Christina & Nicole at Besame ❤

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