This Old House


An exploration of interior space.   DSC_2247-2





Ok, so it’s not a house, it’s an apartment…stairwell. But I was really loving the angles of the structure; it made for some really interesting visuals! This is a continuation of my post regarding Besame Cosmetics; and as I mentioned in that article, I have used their product to inspire a modern look with vintage style makeup. This look includes their Noir Red lipstick, as well as their 3 in 1 brown cake for eyeliner, mascara and eyebrows.

I previously stated how much I love the cake for eyebrows, because really, it’s awesome. The eyeliner came out a bit lighter than I usually go, but there is probably a learning curve here to getting things just right. Also, I always use black mascara, so switching to brown was different, because, obviously, my lashes were much lighter; yet still darker than without anything. This led to an extremely natural look for my eyes, which I actually really love. It worked out perfectly for this look, because it allowed the Noir Red to stand out in all it’s ass-kicking glory. I’m seriously obsessed with this color. It inspired the entire grunge outfit – very Claire Danes a la My So-Called Life…or Bob Vila.


I also finally got to style and now share these FANTASTIC earrings from, a company making architecturally inspired, wooden jewelry! The people at are the absolute sweetest, and I have several pieces from them that I cannot wait to share with you. I’ve been wearing these triangle earrings so much, and get so many comments on them, because – look at them! Random personal win with these earrings? They don’t make my ears act up and get all itchy and annoyed; something that happens with 90% of all earrings I try to wear regardless of what they’re made of. My earlobes are just the pickiest things to ever exist. I don’t know why these are different, but it’s magic and amazing.

I really hope you enjoyed the products I’ve shared with you and that I was able to tell you useful information regarding them! Go find some flannel and frolic in a stairwell 😉


This Look: Besame Cosmetics, earrings, Dr. Martens, Goodwill Flannel, DIY Shorts 



“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”

~ Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

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