Llama Living

Modani Modern Living
Living room decor? What?! A little off the beaten path, but not entirely lacking relativity. I was inspired by Modani, a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary design, to challenge my styling abilities in the genre of living room decor.  I wanted to see how I would transfer my personal clothing style into interior design utilizing some of their products; and I’m pretty happy with what I came up with!

Modani’s brown Savina Lounge Chair was my jumping off point and I built the rest around it. I don’t often gravitate towards contemporary furniture and decor, but it was really fun mixing contemporary with my more vintage and eclectic tendencies. Modani actually has a very interesting variety of pieces, all modern, but with different influences mixed in at times. Personally, I absolutely adore their suitcase shelves. I’ve had my eye on upcycled DIY vintage suitcase for years, and these give a similar vibe with their own modern touch.
I also had to add in my love of bright colors. While I appreciate the put together and stylish look of contemporary rooms in black and white, white and gold, white and anything else that emits classy vibes, I just need my color explosions. So naturally I chose the most colorful pillow I could find, gave it a cheery partner in crime and called it a win. The mirror also reminded me of a sun, so while normal mirrored colored, it still matches up with pillows in my mind.
The last Modani piece is the floor lamp, which, I just found incredibly interesting. It’s legs remind me of a painter’s easel, which I think is pretty neat. Then I tossed in an Anthropologie rug, with a rich teal that I think goes nicely with the browns and for a finishing touch, I found this wonderful llama wall art. I really think it brought the whole collage together, and I mean that sincerely.
I hope you enjoy my contemporary-vintage-boho mashup!

Floor lamp modani.com

Turquoise rug anthropologie.com

Throw pillow modani.com

Throw pillow modani.com

Mirror modani.com

Bag modani.com

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