Cat’s Cradle







It’s actually been forever since I’ve posted; I’m so sorry! October has been absolutely nutty-bananas!!! Speaking of October – that means fall time; and for anyone not living in the Southern California desert of why-is-there-no-fall, that also means it’s probably starting to get chilly. So enjoy this lovely 80s inspired sweater from PurrrLA! I personally love a good Cosby-esqu/Grandpa sweater; and this one has all that in pattern PLUS a giant bow! I love bows, I just do, they’re wonderful – don’t fight me on it, they rule. Also – cat!

Keep warm my kitties! (or cool. in case you’re in the land of no sweaters & fluffy socks allowed, like me)

This Look:  Sweater c/o PurrrLA, Steve Madden Boots


Special cat appearance by Midnight


Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment. –Horace

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