Welcome 2015

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I apologize for my lack of glamorous New Years Eve outfit guides and party posts, but I just didn’t have much going on this year! Instead, I’d like to share what I do every year, sort of in the vein of New Years Resolutions. I still make those of course, but this is different for me. Every year I set goals for myself, both personal and career wise, that I think are ambitious, but achievable. The key is to actually 100% believe that these goals can and will be met. I even write them out as if I’ve already obtained them; i.e. “I am doing, I have…” etc.

You can write these anywhere, in a notebook, on a piece of paper, on your computer, it doesn’t matter. I like to focus on all my goals as I write them and right afterwards; then I’ll occasionally look over them through the year. I’m shocked by how many times the majority of my goals are met, without me even realizing it, when I go back and read old lists.

Maybe I just really like lists 🙂 My whole notebook is full of different compilations of lists revolving around goals relating to different areas of my life. It really helps me to get everything out of my head and written down, I feel like I’m being more active, rather than passive about what I want.

So set some ambitious goals for yourself and have an awesome 2015!


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