Sidewalks & Sunbeams







I hope everyone is having an amazing 2015! I myself had a pretty quiet NYE, and I can’t wait to get to working on my resolutions and goals for the New Year.

I’m excited to share this skirt from Jenabelle! I adore maxi skirts, especially when worn high waisted and paired with a good crop top. It’s a slightly edgier move, but still remains classy. With this skirt you can dress it up, or down, and it’s just so pretty and makes for great twirling 🙂  I’m also particularly fond of the extra sheer panel that runs around the bottom, creating something exciting for the eye to see. I’ve paired it with some pieces from my favorites, a simple and unique necklace and my Noir Red Besame lipstick (which always at least doubles my confidence). ❤

This funky, fuzzy crop top sweater is something I got a while back, and have been slightly intimidated to wear; but I’m so glad I finally did! It goes amazingly well with the skirt, is super soft and comfy, and reminded me a bit of snow flurries. So lesson: if you buy a funky top, wear the funky top; you liked it, so punch that self-conscious demon in the teeth, and rock on.


This Look: Jenabelle Skirt, H&M top, Dolce Vita flats via Wasteland, necklace, Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in Noir Red, Target Backpack  



Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

Walt Whitman

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