Fellow Co. Whipped Body Cream


Do you know, Fellow Co.? If you don’t you should, because this company rocks.

The Fellow Company sells awesome graphic tees – mostly tailored towards Harry Potter lovers and internet addicts (as well as some others) – and they just launched a new bath and body line!  These products are all natural, which is a favorite quality of mine (LUSH obsession anyone?). They also give a portion of their profits to organizations dedicated to helping communities in Africa.  How cool is that?? 

Just to reiterate, in no particular order of importance:

  • Harry Potter Swag
  • All Natural Bath + Body Products
  • Donates to a Good Cause

Talk about giving you every reason to not feel guilty about spending your money.

I’ve been loving on this new whipped body cream of theirs, but they also make bath bars and lip shots. All the products have fun scents, like my Pumpkin Caramel Latte Cream. Now don’t freak out if you think that sounds overwhelming, or if you’re hyper sensitive to strong smells like my dear mother. While the smell is strong when concentrated in the glass jar, once you rub it into your skin it softens a great deal and leaves the only faintest hint of yum.


Now on to the texture; because when they say whipped, man they mean whipped – this is some thick lotion! It’s actually really fun to use, I’m picking my brain trying to relate it to a food it would be similar to in touch, but maybe it’s good I can’t come up with anything. Because that might be weird. It’s definitely heavy, so I’ve been using it on my legs and hands as they dry out nicely for the winter.


See how nice that looks?


I will say, as with many of the natural creams and lotions I’ve used, from say LUSH, it is slightly greasy at first. However, with just a little more rubbing in, that completely disappears and leaves your skin soft and thankful. My hands and legs actually really appreciate it. It means my lazy face actually pays attention to them for a hot sec. and gives them mini massages. They deserve that; after all, they do get me around everywhere and help me pick up and hold things.

So basically I love this stuff. Now go get some.


4 thoughts on “Fellow Co. Whipped Body Cream

  1. At first I thought it looked like marshmallow fluff (YUM) but when i saw it from the top, it sort of looks like coconut oil when it’s hardened, which I use as a face moisturizer because I don’t like using things with harsh chemicals (skin problems as of late). This stuff looks awesome, would definitely love to try it out, considering I love natural products and cool scents!


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