Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. – Plautus

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It’s my birthday! Today, I try to avoid slipping into the pitfalls of a quarter life crises 🙂 I did a quick birthday shoot with Surge, because I wanted to celebrate my unavoidable aging with style 😉 I’ve been saving this sweet yet sassy LuLu*s dress for the perfect occasion. This is my party look for the night, and it’s going to have me feeling fabulous.

I guess I should take a moment to reflect some on life, can’t promise anything too profound. I really can’t believe I’m 25 now; I don’t feel old enough to be this old. I very much have not mastered the illusive “adulting” process, so have no fear – I am a typical 20-something of this day and age! I’m still learning the great balancing act of doing what I love and staying young at heart, while taking on more responsibilities and figuring life out. Let me tell you though – I’m pretty certain I’ll never figure life out. Mine likes to play me like some daytime soap opera far too often for me to ever know what curveball is coming. I suppose being an adult means mastering an ability to roll with the punches (and overusing cliches).

So, here is to a year full of more learning, growing, and love – I’m planning on impressing 24, while shocking and intimating 26.

lets do this.

This Look: Dress//LuLu*s – Shoes//Target



It takes a long time to become young. –Pablo Picasso


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