Love is Comical: DIY

Literally. Because I’m teaching you how to make hearts out of comic books ❤ 😀


I really wanted to make a Valentine’s Day themed craft for the blog; so when I came across a picture of these comic hearts, I just had to have them. I enlisted the help of my fabulous and crafty friend Katie Moest, and we figured it out for ourselves and for you!

What you need: Comic books, string of some sort, stapler, scissors [not pictured: pen & ruler]


What you do: 

  • Step 1: Pick your comic pages and pull them out!
  • Step 2: Using the ruler draw a line to measure out your strips; they can be whatever width you want. Cut all the way from the bottom of the page to the top. For each heart, you will need 6 strips.
    VDaye-3 VDaye-4
  • Step 3: Take two of the strips & measure 2 inches down, then cut to make the medium length strips. Then measure 4 inches down and cut the last two strips. 
  • VDaye-7
  • Step 4: Line them up like the picture below! 
  • VDaye-2
  • Step 5: Cut and place your string on one of the longest strips. We doubled ours to help the staple catch the string. 
  • VDaye-5 VDaye-9
  • Step 6: Working from left to right, stack each strip on top of another. After, the shortest should both be on the outside, while the longest are on the inside. Note: whatever image is facing inward when stacked, will be what you see on the outside of the hearts. This is important to keep in mind if there are particular images that you want to show. 
  • VDaye-6
  • Step 7: Staple the stack together at the bottom, making sure to catch the string as well. I found making an “x” with the staples where the string was looped was the most effective. Then place another staple about an inch or so above the bottom staple. 
  • VDaye-10 VDaye-12
  • Step 8: Hold the stapled end of strips. Starting with the outermost layer, take the top of the strip and loop it down toward the staple. Repeat this with every layer, holding them in place with your hand. VDaye-11 VDaye-13
  • Step 9: Staple all the layers down. 
  • VDaye-14 VDaye-17
  • Step 10: Done! Enjoy your comic heart! Note: you may have to mess with stapling the string somewhere else, or possibly with tape; we really never figured out a perfect solution to the string business.VDaye-19

Creative note: it may take a few hearts to figure out how to get what you want to see, showing. I found that while the biggest heart on the outside showed whatever image was on the inside of the strip (because it became the outside of the heart), with the smaller hearts it was easier to see whatever images were on the inside of the heart (which would be what was originally the outside of the strip). I realize this sounds very confusing. Perhaps it will make more sense if you’re making them yourself 🙂




Have fun figuring out how to display your hearts! You could tie their strings together and make a kind of garland/wall hanging with them, or hang them in a door frame! I chose to bundle mine up together and hang them over my bed.


“I cannot preach hate and warfare when I am a disciple of peace and love!”  —Wonder Woman

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