Natural Contrast








Stumbled upon this fascinating little spot during my last shoot šŸ™‚ Well, fascinating to me anyway. If you follow my posts regularly, or sporadically, or every once in a blue moon – you’ve probably noticedĀ I love mixing different styles of pieces. So, I insisted we shoot in this mini junkyard in the middle of all theĀ green and nature, because it’s such an interesting contrast.
I’m also totally into this modern 1920s style nod I’ve been developingĀ since chopping all my hair off. I used to have a heavy preferenceĀ towards 1950s fashion (don’t get me wrong, I’m still totally obsessed and love a good cardigan) but I like the direction this is going. The PurrrLA dress, while not 1920s looking in the least at first glance, has the same loose fit and similar straight cut to 1920s dresses. Ā I love the light fabric and loose fit, I feltĀ so whimsical wearing it, especially outdoors šŸ™‚

What styles from the fashion of the past most inspire you? Find some pieces that reflect the time and try incorporating them into your wardrobe!

This Look:Ā Dress//c/o PurrrLA – Shoes//Target – Necklace//VintageĀ 




Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. –Ā Lao Tzu

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