St. Patrick’s Day DIY


My crafting buddy, Katie Moest and I tried out some cute St. Patrick’s Day DIYs!

Apologies for a lack of “in progress pictures”, but all the below crafts are actually incredibly easy!

Four Leaf Clover Bouquet 

Inspired by a post on As Simple As That: 17 Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s Day Ideas.

Shamrocks-2 Shamrocks-3

What you needSmall dowel rods (very cheap at any craft supplies stores), a hot glue gun, scissors, fun paper (we used scrapbook paper, but I’d suggest some card stock for more sturdiness), any creative doodads your heart desires; we used plastic coins and pipe cleaners, but feel free to decorate however you want!,

What you do: Grab a shamrock template for easy shamrock shaping (we used this one here). Cut it out and trace it onto your paper. Cut your paper, and hot glue to the dowel rod (and try not to burn yourself, because ouch). Glue any other accessories, buttons, coins, string, unicorn hair, etc. For easier bouquet shaping, you may want to cut the dowels into different sizes. I later stuck mine in with some flowers I bough recently. You could also put them in planters, hand them out to friends – let your creativity run free!

Wearable St. Patty’s Day Swag 

Inspired by The House That Lars Build: 5 Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t Pinch Me Pin


What you needFelt, scissors, appropriately themed plastic coin (found at craft & dollar stores), safety pin.

What you doReferencing back to the original post will help with what shape you cut the felt into. It’sShamrocks-11 a bit like a pentagon, but the sides are parallel and don’t angle outwards. I cut two of the same shape to double up on the fringe. Then just cut upwards, leaving about 1/2 an inch unfringed at the top. Hot glue the two pieces together, hot glue the coin, and then hot glue a safety pin to the back and boom, you have “don’t pinch me” paraphernalia!

Shamrock Headband

Inspired by The House That Lars Build: 5 Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day.


Now, in Lars’ original post, she made a bracelet. I modified it to be a headband, mostly because I thought it would make a super cute headband.

What you needFelt, ribbon, x-acto knife, glue gun.

What you doUse the shamrock template to cut out your felt. Get creative and layer them, decorate them, love them. Using the x-acto knife, cut two slits in the middle of your shamrock(s). Measure out some ribbon, cut it, and pull it through the openings in the shamrock. Now you have an adorable headband.

Shamrocks-7   Shamrocks-10

Shamrocks-12 Shamrocks-13

I hope you enjoyed these St. Patrick’s Day crafts! Let me know in the comments if you tried them out, I’d love to see what you create! 🙂


Crafting buddy Katie Moest is a fabulous art director and production designer for TV, film, and web. She is also the Grand Poobah of craft supplies and good times. 

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