Hey, Po Campo!


Check out these fun and versatile bags from Po Campo, combining style and versatility!






bag-9 bag-10


This line of bags is actually brilliant. Po Campo is a Chicago based business that offers multiple styles and sizes of bags that easily attach to a bike. They can then effortlessly accompany you to work, school or wherever your commute takes you. I pretty much want every bag they make, but confession: I don’t have a bike! I have huge bike envy, because personally I don’t bike much often ever due to the fact I’m clumsy and terrified. I know I’ll get hit by a car in LA. Or I’ll hit a car. Something will go wrong, and I don’t want to chance it.  But the brilliant thing is, even though I don’t have a bike I can still use them, because they’re also normal bags that are just plain cute! You can use them when you go to yoga, or when you’re just traveling around your town or city 🙂

Some more super awesome things about this company?

  • The fabric is weather resistant and easy to wash if your bag gets dirty
  • The bags are all vegan
  • in May 2013, Po Campo partnered with World Bicycle Relief, a Chicago nonprofit that supplies new bikes into programs for rural African communities, giving them access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.

I love love love partnering with, and sharing brands that donate and help causes. Fashion with a heart is kind of a brilliant and beautiful thing. When you’re helping to give back, you’re doing some responsible shopping.

This Look: Bag//PoCampo – Pants//F21 – Top//Urban Outfitters




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