Happy #InternationalDayOfHappiness & Spring!

To celebrate the first day of Spring and International Day of Happiness I’m kicking off Fridaye’s Favorite Things! (In case it needs explaining, I know how to spell Friday, but my name is Daye, so it’s like… a clever thing) So here we go! These products are all super awesome and make me happy, and some of them are Springy.

I adore this shirt, and this company. Cakeworthy has some of the cutest and stylish Disney inspired products I’ve ever seen. I will make this shirt mine someday.

I love books. And I like perfume. You’re saying I can smell like books?!???

This shop has so many pretty lights in jars. I’m transfixed by them and someday when I have a real residence of my own, there will be many sparkly jar lights.

Nerdy mugs are the finest mugs. The end.

Here’s some springtime inspired jewelry for you. Wear some real flowers. This kind of jewelry is always so gorgeous to me. So simple and natural.

I need it. I need it. I need it.

So cute and made of wood – how fun! This shop has lots of cute, funky and wonderful jewelry. Definitely worth checking out.

Harry Potter inspired graphic tees from the Fellow Co. You’re welcome.


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