Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #3


Super fun hair clips, yeah! πŸ˜‰ Fun but, small and simple statements to give your hair some more pizazz – I’m into it.

I don’t go to crazy amounts of concerts and shows with tickets, but when I do, I like saving them. I love this scrapbook/ticket album idea to keep them all in one place.

Via Amazon

They’re salt and pepper shakers shaped like wands. Do I need to say anything else, because… good.

Via Romwe

A springtime dress that’s covered in Jellyfish instead of flowers, be still my quirky heart! I think jellyfish are amazing, and super fascinating to watch; I can’t believe there is a dress covered in them!Β 

I’m kind of bad at keeping plants alive. But I wish I wasn’t. If I wasn’t bad at it I’d want this fun wall planter chalkboard. It’s unique and also very handy to have fresh herbs around for cooking.Β 

Let me know what some of your current favorite things are! πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #3

  1. That ticket stub diary is an awesome idea. I love saving up my ticket stubs to shows but then I never know what to do with them and putting them in a box seems so sad and dismissive. The planter is super cool too but I’m also absolutely horrible at taking care of plants.

    I’ve been really really into bubble milk tea lately. It’s so good but it’s not the best for you and yet I’ve been drinking that stuff pretty much every day… Sometimes twice a day.

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