Cat Nip: My Current Addiction

The Midi Skirt


It’s not like these skirts haven’t been around until now; and I’m by far the last person to actually know “what’s in” based on any fashion know-how. (I know my style, not what the latest trend is, or about to be – and I’m okay with that). Apparently, it was the fashion must have of autumn/winter 2014/15; but right now, I am in love with these skirts, and on a mission to add some to my wardrobe. It seems like a magical transition piece to go from fall into summer.  If your spring is still a bit chilly, pair it with sweaters & tights, etc. or if it’s getting warmer, go the crop top route! So I may be a season behind, but the flared midi skirt, is definitely my Spring skirt of choice.

I love this skirt most when paired with a crop top. It keeps the entire outfit from looking too formal, while still remaining classy. There is also the tulle midi skirt, which is equally amazing, and part ballerina. So, duh.

I have recently discovered that Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, may be the queen of the midi skirt. Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite midi skirt looks/inspirations, and hopefully you’ll be seeing a look or two from me in the near future. 😉

Find your own perfect midi skirt style! 🙂

Midi Skirt Madness


White skirt

Green skirt

Boohoo tutu skirt

Long skirt

Boohoo midi skirt




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