Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #3

via Mint

The comfy shirt is just the cutest! Ragamuffin is a highly underused word, and I think it needs to make a comeback 🙂

This dress is so dreamy! I’m randomly obsessed with clouds in real life, so this dress really makes me want to buy it immediately and maybe wear it every day. sorrynotsorry

Books on clothes – waaaaaaaht? Yes. I’ve been lusting after one of these bad boys for a while now, because they’re just so dang awesome. A bit on the pricey side for a scarf, but someday…!

via Etsy

This camera strap from DeirdresLove on Etsy is adorable, and way more fashionable than the one I have on my camera now. I need to spruce my baby up with accessories!

via Etsy

So, I’m not usually one for strange oddities or wearing anatomically correct organs and such; but there’s something about this necklace from EmpireJune that grabs my attention. I kind of love it.

Let me know which of my picks is your favorite! 🙂


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