Floral Springtime DIY Accent Letter


An easy floral DIY to help spruce up your walls and bring the garden indoors 🙂

What you need…


  1. A bouquet of fake flowers! These can be found at Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, etc. The amount you see here was enough to make two letters, and there was still plenty left over.
  2. Cardboard
  3. A hot glue gun
  4. Pencil & Sharpie for tracing
  5. A ruler (depending on your letter)
  6. Scissors (which we later traded for an x-acto knife – much easier)
  7. A surface you don’t mind cutting into to place under the cardboard
what you do…


Pull all your flowers off the stems; great for letting out any strange aggressions you may have towards plants! (jokes). Be careful when doing this, many fake flower heads can easily separate into pieces, and you want to make sure they all stay together.



Trace your letter, then cut it out! It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect, you’re about to cover it in flowers.


I mapped out what flowers I wanted where before starting the gluing process. I ended up with probably twice as many flowers than pictured here. I found it looked better the more condensed and close together they all were.

Gluing Tips:

  • Try not to burn yourself
  • Cut the little bit of plastic stem still left on the flower as close as you can in order to be able to glue flowers straight down easier
  • Some flowers will probably fall apart, just glue the sections together
  • If you’re worried about the cardboard showing through, glue a base of flower leaves down first (like Katie did) or just in particular spots (like I did).
  • You can take apart the bigger flowers and remove petals to make them slightly smaller. (You can also use the extra petals like you would the leaves, to glue down first so cardboard doesn’t show)
  • BONUS TIP: I was pretty convinced my D was going to be a disaster for 3/4 of the gluing process. Just keep going and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, just like me 🙂



I want to put my D in a cute vintage frame, I’m going on the hunt, and hopefully will have it displayed soon so I can share. These letters would be the perfect addition to any gallery wall (which, is my eventual plan) or displayed anywhere around the house/apartment/room as an accent piece.

If you try this DIY be sure to send/comment your pictures – I’d love to see! ❤




Crafting buddy Katie Moest is a fabulous art director and production  designer for TV, film, and web. She is also the Grand Poobah of craft supplies and good times. 


This DIY was inspired by the crafts at Home Esthetics

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