Natural Beauty – Lush Cosmetics Review


At this point, you’ve probably heard of Lush Cosmetics or been exposed in some way. If not – you really should check it out, because I personally think it’s hard not to be obsessed. My favorite way to describe Lush, is that it’s like Bath & Body Works, but all natural and nice to the environment. – Plus if you go into a store you get to try all the nice things and can get free samples, I mean come on – And since yesterday was Earth Day, I figured I’d keep the planet friendly theme going a little longer by reviewing some of my current, must have Lush products. 🙂


The Olive Branch: Shower Gel – I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever use another shower gel. First off, Olive Branch smells amazingly fresh and invigorating – perfect for waking up in the morning. Secondly, it’s made with fair trade olive oil. My skin is weird and fickle and can dry out easily. This helps keep my skin moisturized without having to constantly apply lotion. I’m really bad/lazy when it comes to applying lotion, especially to my legs, and I’ve honestly noticed a difference since I started using this stuff.



Dark Angels: Facial Cleanser – So this is labeled as a facial cleanser, but real talk – I actually bought it (at the suggestion of a knowledgable employee) to use in the shower on my back and chest, as I was suddenly experiencing less than clear skin in said areas. Now, it’s possibly I’ve just stopped stressing out as much (ha ha) but I’m going to go ahead and swear this cleanser did the job and did it well. I do also use it on my face, I like some good exfoliating, but it’s not my nightly cleanser. Bonus: any Lush product that comes in a black pot like this is like a token. Collect 5 and bring them empty and clean back to the store to recycle, and they’ll give you a free face mask! ^_^


Coconut: Deodorant Powder – I discovered in college that my skin had developed an aversion to regular drugstore deodorants. Then I learned all the crazy stuff they put in them – like aluminum (?!) insanity. I’ve been using natural deodorants ever since. I’m crazy in love with this coconut deodorant powder and am devastated by the fact that Lush no longer makes this particular kind. It’s the smell I love, the coconut just makes me think of tropical islands and summer time. I’ll have to make this one last as long as I can, but they do have plenty of other options. It may seem weird that it’s a powder, but I honestly like it more, no greasy underarms while it dries, etc.

There are TONS of products to explore at Lush, I seriously advise taking a trip to one if you’ve never been. The employees are great and always helpful in finding something to aid whatever skin/hair dilemma you may currently be having. I hope my reviews were helpful – if you already love Lush, what’s your favorite product?!



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