Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #6

Via Apricity

This shop is adorable, this dress is adorable. I’m such a sucker for bows, and I just want to grab this dress, drink some tea, then put on some old records and twirl around. It’s got some seriously simple but adorable whimsy.

Via Urban Outfitters

Hellooooo MUST HAVE because – …. do I need to explain?

Via Amazon

I’ve been overtaken but the sudden urge to have polaroid photos. I this isn’t a “polaroid” camera – but dang, they’re pricey! And this camera produces basically the same thing.

Via Brandy Melville

I’ve had this bralette on my wish list for ages. It’s the perfect kind to wear under shirts or dresses with low or see through backs.

Via PixelBitHero

Be still my nerdy heart. This is just too good.

Well, Mario wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed my favorites from around the internet this week!



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