Radha Fractionated Coconut Oil Review


I received this coconut oil in return for my honest review and I have to say I’m a fan!

By now, I’m certain we’ve all heard about the many benefits of coconut oil. Good for cooking and skin and hair – the list goes on and on. What’s interesting with Radha’s fractionated coconut oil, is that it stays in liquid form. No more constant changing between solid and liquid based on temperature. Due to this aspect, it’s great to mix with things. The site talks about mixing it with essential oils – I am going to try it in a hair lightening spray I’ll post about soon!

The liquid state also makes it much easier to use in your hair. Sometimes I like to put coconut oil in my hair before I shower – and with the solid stuff it was kind of tricky. Chunks of it would fall onto the floor constantly, and it was a bit of a pain. As a liquid – I can just gently squeeze it from the bottle onto my hair 🙂

There are several other benefits of this particular brand that aren’t present in grocery store bought coconut oil. It isn’t nearly as greasy as most coconut oils I’ve used as a moisturizer. It’s also odorless, which may be beneficial to anyone who is sensitive to smells, or just isn’t a fan of the coconut scent. I love having coconut oil at hand at home, and this brand works just great for me.

What do you use coconut oil for?



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