Fridaye’s Favortie Things: #7

Crosley X UO AV Room Portable USB Vinyl Record Player Via Urban Outfitters

I’ve always wanted a record player, and I love the design of this one so much! It would fit right in with my room decor 🙂

Cute skirts being cute. Simple and versatile.

Via hangingbyathread1 on Etsy

These are so bizarre and unexpected! A bug I wouldn’t mind being in my hair at all.

Summer Basics via BooHoo

More versatility here. I love dresses like this, you can dress them up with jewelry and heels or dress them down with flip flops and a bathing suit underneath. You can even belt it for a slimmer look. You just can’t lose.  

Nail Wraps via Jamberry

Nail wraps! I absolutely love the variety offered by Jamberry. They also boast quite a long life free of chipping. 🙂




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