Personal Perfumery DIY with Darby Smart



I knew you could get makeup, and food, and clothes sent to you in boxes – and now with Darby Smart, there’s DIY crafting projects for delivery!


The incredibly sweet people over at Darby Smart sent me one of their mystery crafting boxes, and inside was a make your own perfume kit! I love projects like this, it’s so fun making something you can immediately use; plus perfumery has always fascinated me.

They provided essential oils that could create two difference scent profiles based on which ones you used more. I also love that they sent two different perfume bottles, which allowed me to try both the floral profile and citrus profile. (It’s also oddly fun and satisfying using a dropper)





I really enjoyed this project, even if it was a little tricky. When mixing the oils, there were several times where I was unhappy with the smell I’d created; so I had to be an olfactory detective and figure out what I needed more of to create a more desirable scent. It’s really satisfying though when you finally get it to a place you like!


So be sure to check out Darby Smart, they have monthly mystery boxes as well as tons of cute and fashionable DIY projects that you can order right off their site 🙂

Happy Crafting!



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