Casual Structure


Spring has been oddly and sporadically chilly here in California. I think I’ve been wearing boots now more than I did all winter!










I absolutely love my military jacket. I wear it, and force it to go with, probably 80% of my wardrobe. The thing I enjoy, is mixing its more structured look with softer items, and creating a kind of harmony between them.

The whole outfit is mermaid-y mix of dark greens and blues. My pants are a green – though I know it’s hard to tell in the lighting. I apologize for my amateur photo editing skills! There is just so much I love in this outfit. The colors, high waisted pants, great boots, and a llama! Yes, I am finally sneaking llamas into my wardrobe 😀  I even figured out how to make my thin hair look like it was in a decent sized braid (a future post to be sure).

I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, don’t be afraid to mix pieces that don’t initially seem to fit! When you put them on, you’ll know if it works or not. secret: Sometime’s I’m kind of on the fence about an outfit, but I decide I like it regardless. I leave the house with confidence about it, and everyone loves it. Seriously, just pretend you know what you’re doing – that’s all I do! ^_^

This Look: Top//Dear Creatures – Pants//Forever 21 – Boots//Steve Madden – Bag//Anthropologie – Jacket//Live a Little 




The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. – Bertrand Russell Bund


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