Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #10

Expensive & Fabulous Shoes I Cannot Afford Edition

Via Irregular Choice at ModCloth

The heels. Of these shoes. Are unicorns. !!!! Granted, there is a lot going on here, but I am determined to own a pair of Irregular Choice heels some day soon. They’re so unique and fun, I will make them work at all costs! There is something very romantic about these; plus, how could you not feel powerful and magical when you have two unicorns holding you up, making you stand tall? 🙂

Via Poetic Licence

Via Poetic Licence

Vintage shoes meet modern colors and patterns. A whole world of yes. This line is more everyday practical than Irregular Choice, but just and fun and unique. I really need to incorporate more vintage looks into my every day outfits.

Via Esarsi

Okay, these shoes are straight up, badass, boss lady status. The heel of the oxford absolutely kills me, and the bootie screams royalty. If shoes could hold court, this pair would be voted queen, and rule over all the others. I’m sorry if that sounds like gibberish, these shoes have just made me a little faint, I’ll recover shortly.

On to a more summery look… I’m still quite scarred from the platform shoe phase of the 90s, but I’ll admit, the whole platform sandal is slowly growing on me. I love the colors and pattern play of these Schuler and Sons; they could go with so many fun, flowy summer looks. I’m seeing high-waisted shorts and peasant tops or white bohemian dresses with bangles…

Via Birkenstock

You may laugh, but honestly, a part of me has wanted Birkenstocks since high school. I don’t know why! Something about them just peaks my interest, casual and comfy; but the floral pattern keeps them feminine and delicate. They’re definitely a clunkier look, so for me the floral is a must-have.  I’ve noticed the general look of Birkenstocks really starting to trend lately in a variety of different brands; I’m excited to see them in a more fashionable light.

Well that’s it for now, do you have a favorite shoe brand, or a certain special pair you’ve had your eyes on forever?? Share in the comments below! ❤



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