Dr. Paw Paw Multipurpose Balm Review

What I Like Wednesday

Gushing over products I actually own (unlike Fridays) 😀


This product is miraculous; and I’m not just saying that to hype you up.


You can use it anywhere that needs moisturizing and healing, and it comes in a handy little tube to carry with you everywhere! A friend of mine recently gifted this to me and I cannot thank her enough. I have chapped lips that I can never seem to get to a normal, comfortable state. If I’m not wearing chapstick or something of the like, they are dried out. I use to go to bed and put Aquafor on them, but if I skipped a night, the next morning my lips were right back to how they started. Since I started using Dr. Paw Paw about a week ago I can go TWO nights without it and still wake up with smooth and moisturized lips. I am such a happy camper it’s unbelievable.

I haven’t used it for any other purposes yet, but my friend who gave it to me suffers from a similar dermatitis as I do. She said this clears that itchy nuisance right up as well; which is great, since it’s usually somewhere on my face and makes me look like a scaly reptile.

They also have tinted colors if you’re using it solely for your lips – yay options! 😛

The only down side to Dr. Paw Paw is that it’s a bit difficult to get a hold of if you live outside the UK. I did some searching though, and found that ASOS carries it on their US site HERE . I can’t recommend this stuff enough, I honestly carry it with me everywhere. So go find some and join in my raving!




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