Alisa Michelle Jewelry: Quotes You Can Wear


I am honored to announce, that I have been chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Alisa Michelle jewelry!



Life is too short to wake up with regrets so love the people who treat you right forget about the ones who don’t believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance grab it…<3″

I absolutely adore quotes – if you’ve noticed, I include them in all my outfit posts 🙂 My mom discovered Alisa Michelle and gave me a few pieces as gifts, and what a find! They create wearable quotes; what could make me happier?! If you read my post on their website, I mention that quotes help me stay positive and keep perspective, especially when I’m having a difficult time. With this jewelry I can keep a little reminder with me all day – I just love it.

As a thank you for sharing my story and being chosen as an ambassador; the wonderful folks at Alisa Michelle sent me and amazing thank you package with more jewelry! Now I have so many options for adorning myself with quotes.


alisa-3 alisa-4

alisa-5 alisa-6


I’m pretty sure the hero cuff is my new favorite. I like the reminder that I’m a strong woman and can fight through and win my battles myself. I don’t need anyone to save me, except for me – take that fairytales! 😀

So check out Alisa Michelle and perhaps you’ll find your own quote attire ❤

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