Home Styles: Book Nooks & Crannies

Via Lush Home

Via Viral Nova

Via Lush Home

Via Lush Home

Via Flavor Wire

Oh books and reading; I dream of some day being able to display all my books in a beautiful and/or creative manner. These homes, with their personal libraries, are always so fun to look at and lust over. While modern displays are impressive, I’m more inclined to gravitate towards the rustic feeling set ups. They’re more cozy to me, and make me feel like what else could I, or anyone, possibly do other than curl up with a book and get to reading. I also like to think that if I had such an impressive reading nook, I’d be better about making time to read. Unfortunately, while I love it, lately I get so busy and distracted I don’t make the time for it that I should.

Right now I’m reading The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende; what are you reading?



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