Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #13

Just some cute flats being cute. I love the detail of the embroidered back. It’s kind of a crazy pattern, but because it’s on a smaller section of the shoe it’s very understated and not too much. These could go with most outfits.

I mean come on. I’m starting to really want a jacket or vest for awesome patches. Because patches like this exist and it’s fantastic.

Via Unique Vintage

Pizza umbrella, Pizza umbrella, Pizza umbrella. So I don’t love that the little skulls because that’s never quite been my style; but I do love that it’s a pizza umbrella. So I’m super totally cool with the  skulls. Because pizza umbrella.

Via Choies

This shirt is adorable. It’s so fun, I’d love to pair it with a high waisted midi skirt and dress it up some!

Via Tattoo Tattaa

I’m not sure – but I don’t think a cuter temporary cat tattoo exists out there in the world. Tattoo Tattaa has a plethora of great, quirky temporary tattoos just waiting for you.



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