Loving on Linens – A White Linen Launch by Parachute


I’m getting excited over the White Linen Launch by Parachute; a local Venice Beach, CA company! Nothing screams “stay cool” like linen bedding in the summertime swelter.


As I get older, I realize more and more the importance of investing in high quality bedding. For one, it looks much nicer than the other stuff. Secondly, everything just feels better. And what is sleep about, if not ultimate comfort. (I mean, besides of course recharging and restoring the body, but, I digress). So, that brings me to the awesome company, Parachute. They bring us California designed, Italy made bedding; cutting out a middle man here and there along the way, to make high quality more affordable. Pretty awesome, right?

Today they are launching their new linen line in white and fog. I’ve always admired any bedroom that has crisp white bedding; it gives the room such a fresh, clean, and sophisticated look. However, for whatever reason I personally tend to avoid lots of white for my own decorating, so I love that they’re also offering a light grey. That’s actually the color of bedding I was originally looking for when decorating after my move, but never found anything quite right; perhaps I just have! Not to mention the summer heat is already starting to kill my sleep vibes, and linen is suppose to keep you cooler and fresher than other fabrics – it’s a win-win! Also, you can purchase the new line as separates, so there’s no getting stuck with extra items if you just want a nice new pillowcase etc.

One of my favorite parts about this company is that they are also partnered with Nothing But Nets. For every one of their Venice Bed Sets that they sell (available in White Linen), they donate a bed net to the people in Africa to protect against Malaria carrying mosquitos. So buying new bedding is going to help more than just you sleep soundly 🙂

So seriously check them out and help beat the summer heat in your sleep!

White Linen by Parachute




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