Rory & Fuzz Take On: Muse Natural Cat Food by Purina


Rory AKA Ro Cat


The Fuzz



Muse Natural Cat Food

 I know this is a slight diversion from fashion/lifestyle – but this is after-all “Potpurrri: an eclectic lifestyle blog… and cats” 😉  So today, I’m spreading some love for our feline friends as well. 🙂  In case you’ve totally missed it, cats are one of my muses, so it is appropriate that Rory and Fuzz got some special attention and were chosen to try Muse by Purina which is new and exclusively at PetSmart! So if you have some kitties you wanna share some love with (or just want to see some adorable photos of Fuzz getting his modeling career going) keep reading below!

cats-3  cats

These two weirdos were excited to see what was in the secret box – and then Fuzz decided to consistently pose in front of it, because – obviously






So many goodies to try! All these foods are grain free, have real fish or poultry as the first ingredient, no corn, wheat, or soy, and no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives! I love cats, despite their fickle and trickster natures. So, I was happy to be able to treat them every once in a while to these tasty and healthy meals. They’re eating better than I am 😛

And big surprise… they totally loved the food! The second I opened the first package, they ran to me meowing – knew I had the good stuff, the scamps. What’s even funnier is that these two cannot stand each other and don’t always play nice; but they were so into the food, they ate right next to each other. It was truly amazing. Muse brought harmony hehe 🙂

Speaking of muses… while there are aspects of both these fury roommates of mine that drive me bonkers, there are qualities in the way cats live their lives that I think we could learn from. I’m personally jealous of how much sleeping and napping they get to do; but watching them sleep in the oddest places and play with trash over fancy toys made me realize something. Cats know how to be content with the simple pleasures in life. They’re also unapologetically themselves at all times, and being picky isn’t always a terrible thing. They know what they like (unless of course it’s whether they want to be in or out, but I digress) Plus, Fuzz is the most tolerant cat I have ever met. Always good for a snuggle, or what my roommate and I like to call “love mauling”. That basically just involves burying yourself completely in his fluff for a bit while he looks confused.


Picture proof of Muse bringing these two together

All in all, I’m super happy I got to test out this new food line with these fury guys. They loved it, and I loved feeding it to them knowing they were eating such good quality food. If only it was also magic “get along” food that caused them to coexist peacefully together at all times… ah a girl can dream.


A big thank you very much to the people at Muse and PetSmart for sending us free samples.

Fuzz OUT!




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