DIY: Water Color Flowers

aka the “Just Don’t Look too Close” craft




This is the craft where Katie and I just flew by the seat of our pants, gave it our all, and hoped for the best. The thing is, neither of us has any clue or skill regarding the use of watercolors; so we very much just made everything up as we went along. If anything, we had a really fun time during the process of our creating.

For the craft you need:

  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Canvas
  • Puffy paint
  • The willpower to keep going when you think all hope is lost 😛

What you do:

  • Draw the outline of your flower//design in white puffy paint
  • Let it dry
  • Go wild with watercolors
  • Fin


Katie chose to sketch out what she wanted first, I took the “look at a picture and freehand it” approach.


This is a part where you mustn’t despair. I thought my rose looked like a horrible pile of squiggles. But don’t worry little crafters – you must soldier on!

I wish I could impart watercolor wisdom on you all, but I have no training in art as far as knowing realistically how to use shading and when the darker or lighter colors should be used. It was all a guessing game for me. The biggest thing we learned was that at least watercolors are forgiving. If you don’t like how it’s looking, just keep going; add nuances of other colors, try and blend things more, etc. You can also use a spray bottle of water at the end to spritz it, it sort of blends things more and it gave mine a dappled look on some petals that I’m kind of into.



So if you want to try your hand at some watercoloring, this is definitely fun to do with someone. I do love the texture the puffy paint adds to the overall look. It’s something different and fun. You can make yourself something to hang on your wall or a gift that grandma will probably love no matter how wrong it may or may not go. But have faith! Even I like mine now a few days later – it’s definitely grown on me 🙂



Crafting buddy Katie Moest is a fabulous art director and production  designer for TV, film, and web. She is also the Grand Poobah of craft supplies and good times. 


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