Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review | July


If you watched my video last week, you’ll know I unboxed a wealth of fun vegan goodies for my skin (and teeth!). But what are they really like? Do they work? Are they weird? Well, I’ve been using them for a week now and here’s what I think!


Pacifica eye shadow trio: Stone Cold Fox

This is a great combo of colors, perfect for a more natural look and great for my coloring. I’m not use to cream eye shadows and I wasn’t quite sure what the proper application process was. I tried my finger at first but it didn’t allow for the nuances of shading so I switched to a brush which seemed to work fine. The colors are great, good pigment and they blend very well. I like this product because I’ve had issues in the past with eczema outbreaks on my eye lids. This turns me into a super hot reptile creature, which while awesome, isn’t always the best casual day look. I feel comfortable and safe using this eye shadow knowing it doesn’t contain so many of the harmful ingredients of a lot of makeup on the market today. Two thumbs up!


The Wonder Seed Lavender Hand Lotion

I. Am. Obsessed. I’ve talked about my love for lavender before with the L’Occtaine lavender hand cream. This hemp seed oil hand cream gives it a solid run for its money. The fragrance sticks around a bit longer, which I love. It also has an earthiness to the lavender scent; like I was just holding a bundle of lavender in my hands. It’s not greasy like a lot of more natural lotions can be and my hands are soooo soft! My favorite thing to do is put it on right before bed and drift of to sleep in a cloud of soothing lavender scent. This is a must have for any lavender lovers out there, for sure.


Dew Puff pure plant fibre sponge:

This puff is a good puff. I haven’t been using it quite long enough to see any changes in my skin, but I have high hopes. It’s really fun because it starts out almost feeling like a pumice stone, but then you get it wet and it becomes squishy and sponge-like. The feel of it is super soothing and it gets me to wash my face more regularly in the morning. Often times I rush past the process, but because you can use it on its own without face wash it’s a really quick once over. I can definitely see myself buying this continuously – hopefully it lasts its predicted 3 months before I need to next one – fingers crossed!


Everclen facial cleanser for sensitive skin:

Like with the Dew Puff, I haven’t had long enough with this product to be able to see any changes from my regular routine. But it’s definitely a nice cleanser for sensitive skin. No scent, and my skin’s been pretty clear; but whether that’s the wash or dumb luck, I’m never quite sure 😉


Osea atmosphere protectant cream:

This is a really nice facial moisturizer. It’s very soothing and being in LA, any protection from the atmosphere is heartily welcomed. I love any lotions for sensitive skin, so this was an awesome addition to my beauty box.


Bedrock & Bloom Smart Ash natural teeth whitener powder:

Here’s the review I know you’ve been waiting for :p and you know – this stuff isn’t scary it all! It’s actually kind of fun heh. There’s no flavor to it and it turns you’re mouth all black, which honestly, really amused me. You do have to be careful, as it can get black a bit of… all over the sink, but it’s an easy cleanup. I was just thinking my teeth weren’t looking as white as they should, so hopefully in a little while I’ll notice this powder working its magic!

Well that’s all I have for now. I’m loving my new products and I hope you’ve found something interesting you might like to try as well! Stay tuned for next months box!

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