Kaleidoscope of Oddities


Feelin’ my vintage inspired vibes while exploring quirky oddities within the art’s district.





Cactus-12 Cactus-13




Okay. I love everything about this shoot. Not only am I obsessed with this Avenle dress (which I maybe wore about 3 times in one week O.O) but what is with this space?! While exploring some of North Hollywood we just happened upon this house with a side yard full of cacti, colorful window walls, an old hearse parked on the street, and a weird pair of purple mailbox legs? There was also definitely a chicken on the other side of the wall. Oh LA…

Anyyyyway, yay for vintage inspired looks! I finally got to really try my Besame lipstick, Tango Red. I seriously recommend anyone who wears lipstick to get at least one of Besame’s – vintage colors in adorably vintage packaging, and they’re some of the smoothest and moisturizing lipsticks I’ve ever used.  All the colors are bold and help me feel fabulous and confident. Speaking of confidence, I really want to try getting use to wearing heels in more casual situations. I have too many cute pairs to have to wait around for fancy events and the (maybe) one time a month I get out of my place and go out on a weekend.

Honestly, I just want to take a vacation in the funky little world Surge and I captured with this shoot; it’s like if Alice in Wonderland took place in a desert. So amazing what you can discover in your city when you take the time to look!

This Look: Dress//Avenle – Sunglasses//Go Jane – Lipstick//Besame Cosmetics – Shoes//Crown Vintage – Cat Hair Pin//Urban Outfitters 





“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice Adventures in Wonderland

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