Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review | August

What I Like Wednesday


It’s about that time! I’m back with the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box to tell you what I think about all these products after using them for a week 🙂 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my unboxing video [here] – I hope you enjoy awkward.

One Love Organics Dry Shampoo


It says that it is suppose to strengthen, soften, and nourish your hair – now I’m not a hair expert, I have no idea if it’s done any of these things after using it. But I can vouch that it 100% works for making your hair look clean again! 🙂 It also smells real nice. So, unless you’re really lazy, and not only don’t want to shower, but prefer an aerosol spray dry shampoo to sprinkling it in yourself, I most definitely recommend this product as an effective alternative to hair washing. (I mean not forever, please, do shower at some point)

Gleam by Melanie Mills


I pretty much immediately reviewed this product, as I was wearing it in the unboxing video already. So yes, I love it. Which is interesting, because I’m not a huge lip gloss fan. The color of this one, Uncontrollable, is just so amazing, such a rich berry color. Plus it’s got natural moisturizing ingredients, which is always great news for me and my easily chapped lips. Online, it does say that the lip gloss isn’t sticky – I personally find it a little sticky, but definitely not enough to not use it. Two thumbs up!

Kaeng Raeng Exfoliate


Body scrubs are great, they’re an essential part of my showering routine. This one has a really gentle scent and is very fine scrub. I could feel the difference between it and others I’ve used. It’s not as abrasive and feels really good. I will say, (and maybe this is crazy obvious, but hey) don’t use it on your legs after shaving, it’s gunna sting a bit haha. I’ve been using coconut oil mixed with sugar for the past few months, which is fine, and forgot that perhaps my skins a bit too sensitive after shaving for a scrub with a few more ingredients. 😀



As I mentioned in the video, this lotion is a bit oily – but that’s only because it’s made of plant-based oils… so, duh. It’s oil lotion. That sounds weird, but it is! I’ve used it before bed and it has wonderful moisturizing abilities. It feels really nice to rub on your skin and it has a fun texture in its container. It feels like mousse almost, it’s so light and fluffy!

Harvy Prince Organics

                          August-6 August-7 

A perfume that is eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free, and smells amazing?? What’s not to love! Hello combines the best of citrus, floral and a hint of musk; no wonder I love it so much. Not one of the scents overpowers the other, and they combine to make a very enjoyable final perfume. Plus, I couldn’t adore their unicorn//cinderella carriage more.  I love this perfume and company, definitely check them out.

Those are all the vegan goodies for this month! I hope you found my reviews useful and if not, at least somewhat entertaining. I love supporting smaller (and sometimes bigger) companies who keep being earth conscience and animal friendly in mind. Be on the lookout for next month’s box of goodies!

Hop on the vegan beauty train and get your own monthly box!



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