Irresistible Me Hair Extensions


The lovely folks over at Irresistible Me were kind enough to send some clip-in hair extensions to mermaid-ify my short locks! I did a super fun shoot with them, but this post is for the extensions in all their solo glory so you can see what you get with an order!



The extensions come in this lovely resealable package that has a clear front so you can make sure they match your hair color before taking them off. If they don’t, you’re able to do a free exchange!



This shows you the length of the pieces as well as the different widths of clips they send. There are several of each width.



There’s also this great full, four clip piece, that adds amazing volume to your hair.


I’m still learning all about putting clip in extensions in; the best ways to do it, etc. Unfortunately, I learned after ordering these, that with hair as short as mine, it’s really easier to get extensions no longer than 14 or 15 inches so that the hair blends well. I do have the option of getting this set trimmed, so we shall see! These extensions are such good quality, so easy to brush out and match scarily perfectly with my own hair. If you’re looking for good extensions, I give Irresistible Me a super thumbs up, and suggest only that you do your research ahead of time to find out what length is best for your hair 🙂




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