Rocksbox Jewelry: Jewelry You Can Rent


Yup. That’s right. Rocksbox is a subscription box that allows you to rent high end jewelry every month at an affordable price.

Jewelry and accessorizing myself is where I always feel I fall a little flat in the fashion arena. It’s just not my forte. So, the fact that there is a box where I can get sent jewelry I rarely can¬†afford to purchase, that’s picked by a stylist based off my own style preferences, is so exciting! You wear it all around for a month, and then send it right back and get more the next month! You can always change up your look and not accumulate mounds of clutter and debt ūüėõ

You get 3 pieces of jewelry a month and it’s $19.00. That’s the cost of one decent meal out; not so bad, not so bad. This box is a great idea especially if you have loads of event coming up. Prom? Graduation? Wedding? Jewelry always tends to be the last thing I think about when getting ready for something important, so if you’re anything like me, this box may save your butt ūüėÄ

Still think the price is too high for something just on loan? Use my code:¬†dayebrahamlincolnxoxo¬†for a FREE month! 3 pieces of jewelry¬†free¬†‚̧




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