Hippie Happenings


Played around with a fun new look using my Irresistible Me clip in extensions! I’d forgotten what I looked like with long hair; and this time, it’s longer and more voluminous than ever 😉


IMG_1814 (1)






     IMG_1918 IMG_1922

With this crazy long hair, I just had to go for a hippie/70s vibe. Honestly, it was that or a mermaid theme, and I’m fresh out of a tail 😛 So, I doubled up my flower prints, put on some bell bottoms and platforms, and went exploring around a local park. Definitely a throwback look – in more ways than one. Back a few decades, and back before several snips of a scissor relieved me of much of my hair 🙂

I absolutely love taking inspiration from previous decades and fashion fads. Everything is cyclical they say, (whoever the illusive “they” is), which is something I adore. Vintagey/throwback styles are a great love of mine, even if I don’t alway dress it, they’re still my favorite. AND I have to say I’m obsessed with these Anthropologie bell bottoms, they’re so incredibly soft, comfortable to wear, and make me feel so nice.

I also finally got to wear my DIY flower sunglasses, which you can make —> here!

This Look: Hair Extensions//Irresistible Me – Jeans//Anthropologie – Top//Forever 21 – Shoes//Urban Outfitters 





“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 

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