What to Wear: NYE

New Years Eve is upon us and the questions is: What do I wear?! There’s more than just sequins to this celebration, so here are some different looks to ring in the New Year*!


*Disclaimer: I really enjoy dressing up for things, and this year I’m feeling like not letting anything stop me from wearing exactly what I want – no matter HOW seemingly excessive or ridiculous

The LBD (Little Black Dress)


Sassy, classy, or sweet – it’s ALWAYS a classic! You really cant go wrong; and if it has a funky cut or embellishments – even better! If it doesn’t, that just means the accessories can be as fun, funky and sparkly as they come.

Funky Fabrics: Sequins/Glitter/Feathers etc

NYE is a little like Halloween – as in, it’s totally acceptable and almost expected that if you’re going out, your outfit is a little funkier than most nights you go out. These feather skirts seem to be a thing right now, and while I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of faux fur, I’m kinda digging this feather style. The obvious go-to for New Years is so often sequins. I love how this dress takes a basic and simple cut, and then amps it up with the sequins. It doesn’t feel too over the top BAM I’m super glittery! I’m also in love with this outfit blogger Kaylee at Kaylee Daily put together. It makes me want to run out and buy a sequin crop top immediately (something I’ve never wanted to do in my life until now). The sequins with the tulle make a magical and whimsical outfit that is just perfect!


Get the shine without scratching yourself with sequins! This is the route I’m going personally this New Years – although, I am going somewhere where the theme is Champagne Supernova… and I’m going for a space alien feel … ^_^ But I think this is a great look for any celebration! It’s classy and fun. You can go with a dress or leggings or a jacket – just to add some spice to the ensemble.

So there you have it – my 2 cents on the matter of New Years Eve outfits! What are you planning on wearing tomorrow night?!



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