2015 In Review


So, I find that it’s incredibly  easy to focus on all the stuff thats going wrong in our lives. What goals we haven’t met, what we failed at, who we lost and what we didn’t accomplish. However, there are often SO many more things we have done and accomplished, we’ve brought new people into our lives and had great adventures. That’s why I am going to go through my year and try to remember all the positive things – no matter how small – that happened, because I am so tired of focusing on the negative.

Well… here it goes!

        1. Started off the new year with my hair all chopped, a needed change
        2.  Some friends of mine got married and had a beautiful wedding
        3. Drunk Austen crocheted dolls of our Emma Approved characters (skillz)
        4. Ohio State beat Oregon!
        5. Disneyland – Disneyland – Disneyland!
        6. I bought purple boots
        7. I filmed Blank Scenes with Maxwell Glick!
        8. Birthday! Shared a great party night with miss Kylie Sparks
        9. James Brent Isaacs and I did a cover of an original Dully Sisters‘ song!
        10. Ariana made me a unicorn cake
        11. I got to see Jack Garratt play in LA and dropped my pizza slice on my foot (not happy, but hilarious)
        12. Dapper Day!
        13. Filmed an AFI short and met some amazing people
        14. Wendy knocked the couch over. With us still on it.
        15. Nerdy wedding! I went as Luna Lovegood dressed for Bill and Fluer’s wedding 🙂
        16. I hung out with an opossum
        17. Filmed a scene written by Chris O’brien and our fans…I cried over banana breath
        18. Filmed a fun part in the Beautiful Fools Webseries
        19. Did my Kristen Stewart in Twilight impression for Tony Noto’s Channel 
        20. Went to my first Renaissance Faire!
        21. Crafted a lot
        22. Thought I locked myself out of a friends house and scared a passing teenager by asking to use her phone while holding cat food and a butter knife. She “didn’t have it on her”
        23. Went to the Magic Castle
        24. Joined an amazing theater company, Loft Ensemble, and got to get back to theater after a 3 year break
        25. Played my ukulele and sang on stage for the first time ever
        26. Went to Northern California and had an amazing few days with some friends
        27. I continued recording voiceover for Life is Strange 🙂
        28. I got the Clueless soundtrack on vinyl
        29. I saw Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
        30. We rescued kittens!
        31. The New Peter and Wendy Season 2 Premiere Party
        32. Brent Bailey took fantastic Harry Potter inspired photos for me
        33. I became Elsa
        34. Got to see Matilda!
        35. Visited Sunnydale High ^_^
        36. Went to Comic-Con!
        37. Bought an Alpaca hat at Comic-Con
        38. I ran a 5k …?
        39. Filmed Social Medium with lovely humans and got to record a song!
        40. Vidcon Meetup Madness
        41. I got to go back to GeekyCon!
        42. At GeekyCon I somehow had lunch with Anthony Rapp and then found myself on a stage with him and great people singing Seasons of Love…like what?
        44. Saw Josh Groban with my mom – twice
        45. More Disneyland
        46. I dressed up as the Forrest Gump T-Shirt
        47. Watched Taylor Swift’s mom destroy two games of mafia, then Rachel and I sat in a bed with the T-Swift herself, amongst others.
        48. Danced like a fool with my best friend from Chicago while we watched Jack OPEN for Mumford and Sons!
        49. Met a boy – he’s alright I guess 🙂
        50. Filmed a ridiculous music video and had a great time doing it
        52. I was in two plays
        53. I carved a llama into a pumpkin
        54. Halloween and everyone and every costume that was a part of it was fantastic
        55. I got invited back to GeekyCon!
        56. A friend brought me back an alpaca scarf from Peru
        57. Filmed a super fun cameo for I Ship It (coming soon)
        58. Went ice skating!
        59. Had an amazing Christmas with friends and family  (and spent a lot of time in a onesie)
        60. I’m about to have an amazing night ringing in 2016

Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!!!



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