Nebula Nails

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

Sharing how I did my nebula nails to ring in the new year!

I was unable to take step by step photos myself, but I though I would share the guide I used! This is from Didoo at DeviantArt 

galaxy nail

My base coat was a black that had some subtle glitter in it already. I prefer this, as I feel a glitter top coat can be distracting from all the nebula work. I did, however, take a glitter polish and dab it lightly over just the nebula. Best of luck, and happy space exploring!



4 thoughts on “Nebula Nails

  1. This looks so awesome! I think it’d be too complicated for me — sometimes I feel like I have the finesse of a toddler when putting regular polish on my nails! Also, can I just say how much I love how you took your photo? I wish mine would turn out so good!


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