MONQ-ying Around



Rockin’ out with some sass and my MONQ (pronounced monk) aromatherapy diffuser 😉





Yes, it’s real pretty, and no, it isn’t an e-cigarette – it’s an aromatherapy diffuser from MONQ. It blends essential oils and wild plant extracts that go through a diffuser to give you an aromatherapy, mood enhancing experience! This product is SO awesome, I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon it. A little mood boost you can carry with you in your pocket 🙂

Mine is Zen, to promote calm, and blends orange blossom, frankincense, and ylang ylang – mmmmm happy thoughts. They also carry happy, sleepy, skinny, sexy, thin, vibrant, and healthy – all with their own unique blends!   [and honestly, I love how the end lights up purple every time I use mine] There is NO tobacco, this is just oils and extracts. Seriously check it out and see if you might benefit from one.




I know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and just like last year, I’m focusing on the importance of self love/care. The MONQ aromatherapy diffuser is a great way to take care of yourself and your mood. I also put together this 50s vibe outfit full of sass. And yes, I realize fries aren’t ACTUALLY a good, healthy way to take care of yourself, but a little humor never hurts 😉  Honestly, I just felt super cool in this outfit. That’s not something I feel often; awkward, yes – cool, not so much. I also wanted to show you can be something other than girlie in a fashion post close to Valentine’s Day. (not that there’s anything wrong with being girlie, I love it too!)

Buuuuut in the spirit of good ole V-Day, I did find some cool thematic photo opportunities on the street while shooting 😀 ❤



This Look: Shirt//Top Shop – Pants//Top Shop 




To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

– Oscar Wilde


7 thoughts on “MONQ-ying Around

  1. Never heard about aromatherapy diffusers but it was your shirt that acmade me clic your post. Love it! Never mind if it is unhealthy. Sometimes to gotta succumb to the ‘little sinful things’ to keep the soul happy. Have a lovely weekend!


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